Starting 4th this morning and 1’35 overall behind Marc Coma, Cyril Despres (KTM Red Bull) chased hard to regain the lead. At the end of a stage rich in drama the Frenchman eventually finished 11’03 ahead of his rival with just a short 29 kms special tomorrow.

Cyril Despres

“Obviously when you start the last real special one and a half minutes down, but with the possibility to pull back just enough time to win, there is a lot of pressure. That pressure is the first thing you have to manage. Then you actually have to ride the bike fast enough to regain those precious seconds. Up until CP1 everything was more or less under control. Every corner I cut was a little time gained – and I was cutting lots of corners! Then at the refuelling I didn’t know what to think. Did Marc have a problem or was there some tactic I hadn’t thought of? With that playing on my mind I made a few mistakes and lost a little time. Fortunately I managed to pull myself together and then at the finish line I realised he had a mechanical problem. Now it is looking good for tomorrow. I am not superstitious, but until I have crossed that final finish line I am not declaring myself the winner.”

Stage 13
1 – RODRIGUES – 03:21:16
2 – DESPRES – 03:22:03 – variation 00:00:47
3 – VILADOMS – 03:24:16 – variation 00:03:00
4 – BARREDA BORT – 03:26:29 – variation 00:05:13
5 – GONCALVES – 03:27:02 – variation 00:05:46

1 – DESPRES – 19:01:54
2 – COMA – 19:57:57 – variation 00:56:03
3 – RODRIGUES – 20:13:21 – variation 01:11:27
4 – VILADOMS – 20:43:06 – variation 01:41:12
5 – SVITKO – 20:51:30 – variation 01:49:36

Picture: Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool


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